Pupil Premium

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    The Pupil Premium is money given to school by the government in order to raise standards for those children who are eligible for Free School Meals, children from families in the Armed Forces and previously Looked After Children (adoption/ residency orders etc). The funding is in addition to the main school budget. The school is free to decide how the Pupil Premium is spent, but this would normally be on staffing and/or resources.

    Pupil premium funding at West Park is currently £39,480 per annum. We have decided to spend this in the following ways:

    1.Funding to maintain class assistant support, as this is an effective method of ensuring that individual children’s needs are being met.


      • Teaching Assistant directed time maths


      • Teaching Assistant directed time literacy


      • Additional phonics / pupil access to small groups


      • I can count maths intervention


      • More able and talented session


      • First class at number intervention


      • Teaching Assistant communication & social skills


    2.The appointment of three lunchtime play leaders to support behaviour and positive play.

    3.To fund a Parent Support Worker (Mrs Anderson) for two afternoons per week to work with parents and children.


      • Peer mentoring


      • Counselling /nurture groups


      • Attendance … family intervention


    4.Fine and gross motor skills development sessions

    5.Enrichment activities financial support

    6.Homework support including online resources


    We would consider the greatest barriers to our cohort in receipt of Pupil Premium to be:


      • Lack of progress due to poor attendance


      • Social and emotional needs that lead to poor concentration and behaviour


    Our 2017 end of Key Stage 2 data shows that the four children who received Pupil Premium Funding achieved the following results:

    KS2 Pupil Premium Results
    Any individual children in other year groups, making less than expected progress have been identified through our own system of assessment, monitoring and data analysis. Timely interventions have been put in place following guidelines from the SEN Code of Practice 2014.  Pupil Premium Provision Mapping is updated each term and the impact of interventions monitored. 

    Tuesday 17th July 2018 – Pupil Premium Strategy Review Date